Performing and Public Speaking

Over the past twenty-five years as a leader, one component of my persona has surprised people more than any other. The feedback usually comes in the form of an exclamation, such as “I didn’t know you could do that!” or, “oh, I recognize your voice!” How could I possibly surprise people in such a way?

I am a performer.

For teachers, this is not a shock. In the classroom, teaching is performance art. Five shows a day, 180 days a year. Aware of the power of personal connection, relationships, and servant leadership, I have used my voice, presence, and ability to perform in front of a crowd and connect with groups to build community and bolster individual and collective success. In addition leading to numerous awards programs and assemblies, I have performed cameo roles in several student theater and video productions and experienced first-hand the positive impact on school climate and culture.  Other than our example, I believe there are no more powerful tools to enrich and improve our personal and professional lives than the written and spoken word. A small portfolio of my public speaking, voice work, acting, and school/community leadership is linked below.

Boyd Friday Open

Boyd Come Back

Boyd Friday The Return

Boyd Friday Epilogue

Centennial HS Awards 2017

Centennial HS Graduation 2017 

Centennial HS Awards 2018

Centennial HS Graduation 2018

Woodland MS Veterans Day 2018

Woodland MS Veterans Day 2019

Woodland MS Covid Message 2020

Woodland MS Outstanding Student 2020