Since Labor Day, my two (2) subscribers may or may not have been disappointed that there hasn’t been a new edition of Boyd Fridays. I haven’t heard from either of them for the record. During that time, I did come across the quote below on social media and while I haven’t been able to determine the source, I believe it deserves a deeper exploration (if only for myself). I’ve reflected in this space before on how we experience and engage with the passage of time. How we wish that time would slow down. We wonder where the time went and bemoan that “life’s too short.” Without acknowledging that if time did, in fact, “slow down” we wouldn’t do anything differently. Our behavior simply would not change. Unless, that is, we approach the time we’ve been gifted and blessed with from a different perspective.

For me, that landed on the “doesn’t sit well” side and it’s not supposed to. Like many, I would say that I want time with family to be a priority. Who wants to hear that they’ve not made their family a priority, or their health, or serving others? Who wants to feel the indictment or the guilt for willingly giving away time to things that lack meaning or permanence? No one. Even when there is only one person responsible for those choices.

If you haven’t read Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl, it is a short but devastatingly powerful survivor’s reflection on the Holocaust. What sticks with me most is not the horror that humans are capable of, but the humanity. Dr. Frankl refers to it as “the last of the human freedoms–to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.”

What are we choosing to prioritize that has meaning? What are we choosing to making time for that has permanence? As we “Fall Back” this weekend, how will we engage with our extra hour and all the hours going forward? Whether it’s time with family, exercising and eating right, or even a blog, our choice awaits. I hope to choose wisely.

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