Milestones (continued)

Where does the time go? How has it been [insert years here]? Time slow down!

When social media is used for its intended(?) purpose of connecting and sharing among friends and family, it can be a blessing. First day of school pictures are an absolute favorite of mine, especially when shared as a collage or in a sequence of photos over time. I can even dig the little chalkboards with kids’ favorites and future jobs, while wishing we’d done the same. Social media is certainly no stranger to milestones. For all its faults, Facebook has one feature that generally keeps me coming back. That feature is “Memories.” Especially around birthdays, holidays, and the first day of school, our memories are shared along with comments about how fast time has passed. Every year. At the same time.

After last week’s post and conversation on “milestones,” these memories and photo comments landed just a little differently. We may perceive the milestones in our lives as coming in rapid succession or distanced far apart, even when they occur at the same intervals of time. Regardless of our perception, our reaction tends to be consistent: It went too fast.

As much as I enjoy the shared memories, I’m always struck by our concept of time. What if time did slow down? Would we utilize our time differently? Or, would we keep doing the same things we do each and every day? The stark and sobering truth is that time is not going to “slow down” and will continue to pass, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, month by month, and year to year.

Our only choice, which we have the opportunity to make each and every day, is to slow down! Time won’t but we absolutely can. Choose to be present, engage fully with the world around you, and avoid the plague of distractedness and hurry. More milestones are on the way!

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