Whether you think of them as stages of development, a state testing model, or as the green and white signs along an interstate highway, what are milestones to you? Are they something to be celebrated? Or would your rather overlook or perhaps ignore them altogether? These little reminders, not only of how far you still have to go, are a memorial to how far you’ve come. Whether we choose to celebrate or ignore the milestones in our lives, they will pass from a wide-open window into a narrow series of small mirrors with time and distance.

Since my last post in May, I’ve experienced a season of milestones in my life and family: My 50th birthday. A new job. Launching our oldest child into adulthood. And today will be the first day in twenty years that I’ve not welcomed students on the first day of school.  That’s a lot to pass in rapid succession, one after the other, as if I was traveling faster and faster. Was I traveling faster?  How were they so tightly arranged?  And yet now they are so spread out again I can’t even see the next one that’s coming.

I didn’t take many pictures. Or post much on social media. But, my son and I got to make his move together, just the two of us.  I drove the moving truck and he followed in his vehicle.  For three full days across the US. We stopped for gas, ate lunch together by the side of the road in states we’d never visited before, and slept like kings in the motel each night. He and I will always share that experience in both our lives.

My lack of social media engagement notwithstanding, I did catch one gem on Twitter over the summer. Let’s all put our phones away, enjoy our beverages of choice responsibly, and be attentive, engaged, and available to truly experience our milestones with those around us.

One thought on “Milestones

  1. My brother, having our very brief time to spend together personally reminds me of how much I want to do it more often. We might have formed most of our opinions of life together, but I still am inspired and motivated by your carpe diem mindset. I don’t know what anyone else thinks about your posts, but please keep at it.


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