Somehow, some way, this little video slipped into my feed between Gordon Ramsey trashing Tik Tok chefs, watch reviews, Steve-O, and dogs meeting their little brothers and sisters for the first time.


Geez that hits some kind of way. For the record, I don’t have any idea what the dialogue means. Do we even need to know? We’ve all taught that kid. We’ve all been that teacher. And when we eventually get a peek behind that curtain, that façade, that stiff upper lip, it’s heartbreaking.

What if we lived in a world that sought to understand first? One that led with empathy, understanding, and an authentic desire to connect rather than react? A world that acknowledged that we have more in common than makes us different? Where people seek to lift others up rather than tear them down?

Here’s looking forward to a week with a few more hugs. I think we all could use one, even an “unapproachable” principal.

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