After the Winter Break and our “snow-cation,” I’ve got several drafts in my queue but I’ll make it a short one today.  You know, time and all. 

Handle With Care” – Jimmy Casas

We all need a sticker, probably more than one.  To be honest, if stickers were buttons I’d look like Brian from Office Space (non-movie buffs click here).  Much more from Office Space in a future Boyd Friday.  And from The Book of Boba Fett.  And Cobra Kai Season 4, but I digress. 

Let’s be real.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, has things weighing on their mind, body, and spirit.  The beauty of the filtered photos on Christmas cards, Facebook, and Instagram of the last few weeks has faded.  For everyone whose “heart was full,” and had “so much fun” with “great friends and family,” there are others whose hearts are broken and endured, rather than enjoyed, the holiday season and our snow-cation.  The most powerful thing we can do for ourselves and for each other, is to recognize, acknowledge, and respond to our collective and shared struggles with empathy and a willingness to meet everyone where they are. 

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