The Preacher

My old man has never been much for church going.  Oh we went when my little brother and I were kids and all, mostly because my Mother said we were going and that was that.  As my brother and I grew older and headed off to where life took us, Sunday morning found my old man less and less in a church pew.  My parents don’t get out much anymore, but most Sunday mornings (pretty much every morning for that matter), find my old man sitting outside with the dogs and bringing my Mother her favorite coffee drink.  And I don’t believe he’d have it any other way. 

Believe it or not, he’s a man of few words.  And he’s also the most selfless, giving, and moral person I’ve ever known.  I have seen him empty his pockets to give to those in need, hand his jacket to someone who needed it more than him, and open our home to kids and adults with no other place to go.  Why would a man of such character not be a church goer?  I asked once, many years ago, how he reconciled that question and I will never forget the wisdom and the lesson in his answer:

I’d rather see a sermon than hear one.” 

That’s just who he is.  He believes (as do I) that you will demonstrate what you value.  You will show me what’s important to you.  No amount of noise will ever exceed the power of action.  Whether it be a 6th grade student saving a fellow student who was choking in the cafeteria or teachers making positive phone calls home, our actions are our most visible and tangible examples of our values.  Let us all be cognizant of the messages our actions are sending.  We are all standing on a pulpit, even when fixing someone’s favorite coffee.   

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