Now what?

You would think after over a week or so to rest and reflect that I’d have something eloquent and poignant to say. About gratitude. About family, friends, and loved ones. But I’m struggling to come up with anything that doesn’t sound hollow or some meaningless platitudes that will fail to resonate with you. I just recorded our weekly parent call out and that might be evident in my voice, but hey…I am a pretty good actor. Like most teachers.

I’ve always heard that if you gathered with a group of people, formed a circle, and then everybody threw all their problems into the middle, you would want to dive after yours to get them back. And I believe it. We have so much to be thankful for while there is so much suffering around us, and yet often within us as well. In the midst of this circle, where I am willing to scratch and claw and fight to get my problems back, how am I any different? Once I am safely back to the perimeter of the circle, do I remain content? Or do I behave differently? Thanksgiving is over.

Now what?

My challenge for the next three weeks is to be a visible and demonstrable example of the gratitude I have for everything in my life, including this work, this place, and each one of you.

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