Look up!

As soon as I saw the “One Minute Walk to Work” on Saturday morning from my friend Joe Sanfelippo, I knew I wouldn’t have to write a message this week.  Joe is a superintendent in Wisconsin, an amazing leader and speaker, as well as a great follow on Twitter (@Joe_Sanfelippo).  Nothing I could write or say this week could put the message any better. 

His message hit home especially after our Halloween Dance on Friday night in the courtyard.  Thanks to our Student Council members and teacher sponsors for putting it together and making it possible.  If you weren’t there, it was truly an experience to see our kids having fun, just being kids, and making memories with their friends.  For many of them, it’s been a really long time.  For me, there is no reward, no recognition, no acknowledgement (and certainly no test score, trophy, or banner) that will ever be more important than kids having a positive experience in a safe environment and making memories with friends. 

Make it a priority this week to look up!!!

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