I’ll take just a few minutes of your time to share a highlight from our last quarter.  One of my goals for this school year was to “simplify.”  That one word is still written at the top of my whiteboard as a daily reminder.  We are inundated with so much information and have so many resources and tools at our disposal.  So many that even trying to keep up with them all, or even trying something new that might even work better, is overwhelming.  The same is true for our students and teachers with what they experience each and every day.  After two weeks of classroom observations, this is the image that came to mind:

Fortunately, a 6th grade student came to my rescue.  As I was circulating in a classroom watching students work, I noticed that one student had his Classlink Dashboard organized in a different manner.  He had one (1) folder at the very top left of his display.  When I looked closer, I noticed that this folder was one that he had created and given a unique name.  What had he named this folder?

“The Only Things I Use”

Simplify.  Let’s look for solutions in every corner of our organizations. They may be there without us even knowing it.

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