Be willing!

I may have set a personal record this week on conversations with parents.  It was A LOT, and being the big talker that I am, you know how much I love to just chat and chat about everything under the sun.  Seriously, I could probably go back and research how many conversations it actually was, but that would be a waste of time, unfruitful, and completely beside the point.  You see, each one of those conversations was an investment, a seed planted, with a positive future return. 

Whether it was about starting a new Warrior club, special education eligibility, for/against masks, “Devious Lick,” missing work/low grades, math placement, lunchroom behavior, our traffic pattern, personal records in cross country, school staffing, or teacher behavior, every single conversation ended on a positive note.  Every single one.  How is that possible in the world we live in today? 

As a leader, I have only found one way to get there:  Be willing!  Be willing to…

…have tough conversations.

…be the first to reach out.

…be honest.

…be vulnerable.

…listen more than you talk.

…apologize or admit you were wrong.

…put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

…be creative in finding a solution.

…do something different!

…put a plan in place.

…follow up and stay in touch.

Heading into a full week this week, let’s focus on what we are willing to do each day for students to experience success! 

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