The Man in the Red Bandana

Friday September 10th was our monthly PTO meeting.  Each month, I get the opportunity to share a quick update with the group about how things are going at school, express any needs or wants we might have, and address any questions or concerns they have for our school. 

This month, I kept it very simple.  I just expressed how proud I was of our students, teachers/staff, and school community.  All of the divisiveness going on “out there” has not manifested itself “in here.”  We accept what we are asked to do and move forward.  We have the difficult but necessary conversations and come to workable solutions.  It is hard work that has taxed each and every one of us to our limits.  But, we keep coming back. 

The 20th Anniversary of September 11th this weekend was also a poignant reminder of the extremes of the human condition.  It also reminded me of one of numerous compelling stories of selflessness and sacrifice from that horrible day.  I’m grateful to be standing and serving along with each one of you. 

Everyone who can stand, stand now.  If you can help others, do so.”

Welles Crowther (The Man in the Red Bandana), 9/11/2001

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