BoydFridays Bookshelf

I’m proud of my little bookshelf.

Since late October (by my count), 15 books have moved on to parts unknown (including undisclosed locations in Afghanistan) with no expectation of them being returned.  Inspired by the work of @jarredamato and @projectLITcomm, I decided to start reading more diverse juvenile fiction and giving those books away at my school.  My initial vision was to purchase and read one new book per week, then put it on the shelf outside my office window for the taking.  I bought a few to start, including All American Boys, Strong Inside, and Refugee, and added a few “timely” paperbacks from home during November.  I have also started to receive donations from community stakeholders interested in a project to get free books in the hands of kids.  And, I can always count on my neighboring English teachers for a kind word and recommendations!

Today I am looking at one book left on my shelf and I couldn’t be happier.  One, I get to go to the bookstore!  But most importantly, a kid got to pick up something they were interested in with no expectation or pressure of returning it.  Coming back to my office and seeing a book “missing” from my shelf brings a smile to my face.  It’s a single drop of rain in anything but a “book desert,” but I think it matters.  And that’s good enough for me.


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