I’ve not been much for New Years’ resolutions over the last several years.  Perhaps my hesitation comes from my tendency to overdo things, to set too lofty a goal, and to go to extremes, thus always setting myself up for failure and disappointment.  While I appreciate the sentiment and love the idea of the tabula rasa, I want to believe that if some decision, some life-changing shift was that important, why not start immediately?  Why do we wait?  Has any resolution ever been sustained just because it began January 1st? Are we just putting undue pressure on ourselves based on an arbitrary Gregorian paradigm?

*Disclaimer:  As I compose this post, six drafts (including portions of this one) sit in my WordPress account.  Perhaps I shouldn’t rule out timely resolutions so soon, but I digress.

For this reason, my wife and I take the new year differently than most.  She creates a set of “Good Intentions” while I have latched on to the beauty and simplicity of the “One Word” phenomenon.   What is most impactful to me in utilizing one word is that the word becomes a platform or a mindset in approaching any situation at any time.  The one word becomes a goal, a vision, a lens, and the desired outcome of all interactions.

My #oneword for 2018 is the word “harmony.”

I was pleased to see “harmony” as one of my signature themes in the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment I completed in the summer of 2017.  While I have received positive feedback on my effectiveness in this area, particularly in parent meetings, harmony had not appeared on the assessment I took five years prior.  In fact, nor had any other themes addressing relationships.  I firmly believe that my experiences in both my doctoral program and working as an assistant principal have strengthened my emotional intelligence, empathy, and understanding in a time it is so desperately needed in our world.

In 2018, I look forward to sharing positive stories of harmony in my personal and professional life and would love to hear yours as well.


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