Turning the Page

I love books.  Always have.  Some of my earliest memories are grabbing a stack of colorful children’s books before bed and reading until I fell asleep surrounded by them.  My mother subscribed to a number of monthly book services that kept me with a ready supply of exciting new reads.   We frequently visited our nearest public library in Wetumpka and the annual book fair at school was practically a holiday.  Even today, my own children know that there is one question that will universally result in the affirmative:  “Daddy, can I buy this book?”  And for the record, our family has tried the Kindle thing as well as iBooks.  Nothing else will ever replace a print book, at least for me.

And it’s not just one genre.  I still, to this day, read most everything I can get my hands on.  From fiction and history to biographies of people from all walks of life.  Books on business, leadership, and entrepreneurship fill my office shelves along with science fiction from the Star Wars extended universe.  Stories of human experience under the most desperate of conditions, such as the work of Elie Wiesel and Viktor Frankl, provide great insight on the human condition and the respective depths and heights of which we are capable.  I particularly enjoy the work of writers such as Jon Krakauer and Sebastian Junger, who choose to live with and through their harrowing experiences before ever putting pen to paper.

While I enjoy reading from a wide variety of subjects and topics, those children’s books still have a unique and special place in my heart.  What I love most, besides the adventures, imaginations, and illustrations, was that they could be read in one sitting.  Every story ended happily and all loose ends were tied up neatly without the awkward transitions and segues of chapters.  Such a neat little package with the next adventure only a turn of the page away.  If only life were that easy.  Or maybe it is, and we’re too caught up in our day-to-day that we can’t see the miracle taking place.  Whatever you’re going through, whatever season of life you find yourself in, you will have to turn the page.

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